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Creating high levels of trust, respect and positive influence with others in the workplace ultimately reduces conflict and fuels stronger communication and collaboration. In this session, individual contributors, managers and even senior leaders will learn how to build positive influence with others, helping employees to get support from their colleagues for their ideas or projects; enabling Supervisors and Managers to get more engagement and commitment from employees; and equipping employees to build stronger relationships with customers leading to increased loyalty. Overall, this session provides the foundation for more positive and productive relationships which increase energy and reduce stress.If you plan to attend this session, Click here. About a month in advance, you will receive an online Behavior Style Self Assessment that will take 10 minutes to fill out. Please complete the profile in advance and bring the printed report to the session.
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Program Date:
June 21, 2011
Building Positive Influence: Rejuvenating Work Relationships
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Professional Convention Management Association
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This Program is presented free of charge.