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  • F & B
  • CSR
  • Contracts & Negotiations
  • Leadership

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Program Information
Program Date:
July 17, 2013
Enduring Content Solutions for Generating Non-Dues Revenue
Speaker Information
Brendan McLoughlin   [ view bio ]
Gamification Part 2: Convening Leaders Game Debrief
Speaker Information
Mary Reynolds Kane   [ view bio ]
Kelly Peacy   [ view bio ]
India 101: Planning for Success in a New Strategic Destination
Speaker Information
Jeremy Luski   [ view bio ]
Stuart L. Ruff CMP   [ view bio ]
Monimita Sarkar   [ view bio ]
Creating or Reinventing Mentoring Partnerships and Structured Programs
Speaker Information
Amanda Cecil   [ view bio ]
Julie Ann Schmidt   [ view bio ]
Elevate your Career with the CMP® Program
Speaker Information
Monique Montoya   [ view bio ]
Independent Planner Workshop: Managing Different Business Cycles
Speaker Information
Nancy Morrell Swanson   [ view bio ]
Making the Case for Tech-enabled Conferences
Speaker Information
Angela Carr   [ view bio ]
David Lutz   [ view bio ]
Karen Malone   [ view bio ]
PCMA Education Foundation Presents: Reimagining Convention Exhibits and Trade Shows
Speaker Information
Francis Friedman   [ view bio ]
Brain Candy - Your Experimental Meetings Laboratory
Speaker Information
Jeff Hurt   [ view bio ]
Selling Change: How to Make Healthy Menus a Reality
Speaker Information
Executive Chef   [ view bio ]
Tahira Endean   [ view bio ]
Andrea Sullivan   [ view bio ]
Where Global Trade Goes, Meetings Follow
Speaker Information
Terrance Barkan   [ view bio ]
Convene Presents: With Risk Comes Reward: How One Company Reinvented its Annual Meeting with Open Space Concepts
Speaker Information
Danielle Cote   [ view bio ]
Sarah Michel   [ view bio ]
Corporate HQ - Leveraging Outsourcing to Improve Your Meetings and Elevate Your Role
Speaker Information
Tom Browning   [ view bio ]
Amanda Marijanovic   [ view bio ]
Flavio Martinez   [ view bio ]
Ann Max   [ view bio ]
Eric Smith   [ view bio ]
From Meeting Professional to Community Concierge: How to Engage Attendees 24/7/365
Speaker Information
John Pollard   [ view bio ]
Kristin Zurovitch   [ view bio ]
Leading Forward: Inspiring Your Team for Success
Speaker Information
Joanne Smikle   [ view bio ]
Make a Big Impact with a Smaller Trade Show
Speaker Information
Lauren Miller   [ view bio ]
Jennifer Sombar   [ view bio ]
Caroline Wilsey   [ view bio ]
Masters Series: How to Pitch Anything - And Win
Speaker Information
Oren Klaff   [ view bio ]
Accelerating the Growth of Your Trade Show in a Transition Economy
Speaker Information
Francis Friedman   [ view bio ]
Choose Your Own Meeting Adventure
Speaker Information
Lynn Randall   [ view bio ]
Gold Medal Ideas for Going Green
Speaker Information
David Dvorak   [ view bio ]
Kimberly Lewis   [ view bio ]
Andrew Mikschl   [ view bio ]
Amy Spatrisano   [ view bio ]
Marketing Strategies to Boost International Attendance
Speaker Information
Terrance Barkan   [ view bio ]
Plan Strategically for Your Meeting, Then Get Your Meeting in Your Organization's Strategic Plan
Speaker Information
Dave Fellers   [ view bio ]
Cari Cas Strouse   [ view bio ]
PCMA Business School:
Speaker Information
Richard Reid   [ view bio ]
Walk With Them or They Might Walk Away: Assessing Your Meeting from the Attendee Perspective
Speaker Information
Katie Callahan-Giobbi   [ view bio ]
John Folks   [ view bio ]
Convene Presents: A Conversation with C2-MTL Curator Jean-Francois Bouchard
Speaker Information
Jean-Francois Bouchard   [ view bio ]
Michelle Russell   [ view bio ]
Just When You Think You've Got the Perfect Contract...
Speaker Information
Joshua Grimes   [ view bio ]
Managing Your Time and Energy for Peak Performance...and Peace of Mind
Speaker Information
Sunil Bhaskaran   [ view bio ]
Masters Series: When "Free" is No Longer An Option: Navigating New Pricing Realities at Convention Centers
Speaker Information
Lisa Block   [ view bio ]
David Causton   [ view bio ]
John Patronski   [ view bio ]
Robin Preston   [ view bio ]
James Rooney   [ view bio ]
Claire Smith   [ view bio ]
Moving from a Scheduler of Speakers to a Curator-Strategist
Speaker Information
Jeff Hurt   [ view bio ]
One Size Does Not Fit All: Personalizing Your Attendee Experience
Speaker Information
William F.   [ view bio ]
Successfully Managing Virtual Teams
Speaker Information
Ann Max   [ view bio ]
Convene Presents: What CME Grantmakers Want...and Need
Speaker Information
Theresa Barrett   [ view bio ]
Kimberley D'Onofrio-Lopez   [ view bio ]
Theresa Jowell   [ view bio ]
Jacqueline Mayhew   [ view bio ]
Gamification: Turning Attendees into Participants
Speaker Information
Kurt Nelson   [ view bio ]
Bob Vaez   [ view bio ]
International Meetings: Critical Legal Issues
Speaker Information
Joshua Grimes   [ view bio ]
Making Meaningful Connections between Exhibitors and Attendees
Speaker Information
Elena Grant   [ view bio ]
Felicia Kaban   [ view bio ]
Germaine Schaefer   [ view bio ]
Minimizing Financial Volatility and Managing Cash Flow
Speaker Information
Mark Holmes   [ view bio ]
Tony Lorenz   [ view bio ]
The Art of Engagement: Making Your Conferences Extraordinary, Not Extra Ordinary
Speaker Information
Greg Fuson   [ view bio ]
Rebecca Jackson   [ view bio ]
VEI: Virtual and Hybrid Events: Getting (and Staying) In-The-Know
Speaker Information
Corbin Ball
Michael Doyle   [ view bio ]
JoAnn Klinedinst   [ view bio ]
Karen Malone   [ view bio ]
Closing Keynote: Reinvention Pillar: Leadership – The 10 L’s of Leadership
Blending Social and Face to Face
The Trade Show Gallery: Reinventing the Attendee Experience
Speaker Information
Sarah Michel   [ view bio ]
Virtual Edge Institute: Jumping into the World of Hybrid Meetings – A Roadmap
Speaker Information
Mary Reynolds Kane   [ view bio ]
Stephanie Pfeilsticker CMP, CMM, MBA   [ view bio ]
Reinvention Pillar: Reinventing You - Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Success
It's Such A Great Idea! Why Aren't They Loving This Change?
Reinvent Your Meeting with Social
Reinventing Convention Center Pricing: A Collaborative Approach
Convene® Live: Lessons Learned from Failure
Speaker Information
Vicky Betzig   [ view bio ]
Ann Johnson   [ view bio ]
Susan Katz   [ view bio ]
The Flipped Conference: An Experiment in Content Delivery
Advancing Your SMMP – Globally
Speaker Information
Susan Dupart   [ view bio ]
Big Ideas Conferences: Feeding Our Constant Cravings for Innovation & Collaboration
The Business of Reinvention: How to Get to Yes
Coloring Outside the Lines: Reinventing the Meeting Experience
The Business of Reinvention: Strategic Business Planning - Your Recipe for Success
The Reinvention of Professional Education: Turning Content and Community Into Professional Knowledge with RADAR Resource
Speaker Information
Barry Fernando   [ view bio ]
Connexity: Reinventing the Networking Experience
Convene® Live: An Interview with Jason Jennings
The Attendee Engagement Technology Debate
Speaker Information
Anthony Miller   [ view bio ]
Lauren Mulherrin   [ view bio ]
Eric Olson   [ view bio ]
The Business of Reinvention: Attendee Needs Analysis - The First Step to Reinvention
Opening Keynote: The Reinventors: How Extraordinary Organizations Pursue Radical Continuous Change
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