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Do you want your audience to hear your presentation or learn it? If you only want them to hear it, then do what you’ve always done. If you want them to learn it, you have to change your presentation. The depth of your audience’s learning is directly related to the depth of their engagement. We need to transition from expert-centered models to participant-centered models that increase their engagement. In the end, telling doesn't equal learning. Nor does covering content mean content is learned. Thinking, doing and participating reign.

Program Objectives
  • Compare and contrast pedagogy, andragogy, expert-centered and participant-centered education.
  • Define engagement and why it’s necessary for learning to occur.
  • Identify several strategies to increase audience engagement and decrease resistance.
Program Information
Date Presented:
December 02, 2013 1:00 PM Central
1 hour
From Passive Listener To Active Participant: Tips To Increase Your Audience's Engagement
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Jeff Hurt   [ view bio ]
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