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January 15, 2014
Creating a Culture of Innovation
We all talk about innovation but few actually know how to unleash creativity within themselves, their teams, or as an office culture. This session will explore useful techniques for challenging the status quo, trying new approaches, and embracing a 'what-if' attitude. Learn how to assess needs, evaluate trends and identify opportunities to enhance your projects, processes, and of course, meetings and events. Presenters will practice what they preach with hands-on exercises and robust discussion with the many experts in the room.
Speaker Information
Rick Johnston   [ view bio ]
Astrid Schrier   [ view bio ]
F&B TV: The Dietary Restrictions Throwdown
Do budget parameters, an ever-increasing interest in healthier foods, and the added pressure of accommodating attendees' special dietary needs make you feel like you're planning "Dinner: Impossible?" Join us as convention center and hotel chefs compete in a reality-style cooking event/education session to help develop solutions to the dietary restrictions challenge. Chefs will prepare right before our eyes meal or refreshment break menus that accommodate several common dietary restrictions and allergies. A panel of F&B experts will provide education on the topic, offer 'color commentary' as the chefs work, and serve as competition judges. You'll not only get to try delicious samples, but leave with a "Recipe for Success" to the dietary restrictions challenge that won't leave you feeling "Chopped."Note: Ticket required due to limited session capacity.
Speaker Information
Erin Brown   [ view bio ]
Chad Kennedy   [ view bio ]
Samantha Mahoney   [ view bio ]
Carla Merner   [ view bio ]
Michael Panasuk   [ view bio ]
Christopher Pulling   [ view bio ]
Tracy Stuckrath   [ view bio ]
The Chemistry of Connecting
Meetings are a temporary ecosystem that can be positively influenced by intentional meeting design to achieve community and connection which your attendees are craving.  Explore the chemistry behind human connection in this interactive and fun session and discover the elements you need to have in your planning "beaker" before, during and after to achieve a meeting with soul that attendees can't stop talking about.
Speaker Information
Eric deGroot   [ view bio ]
Sarah Michel   [ view bio ]
Avoid The Zombie Zone: Putting The Learning Research To Work In Your Conference
Speaker Information
Jeff Hurt   [ view bio ]
Business Ethics in Brief: From the Classroom to the Boardroom
Business ethics is merely a question of knowing right from wrong, right? The answer may be more nuanced than that thanks to the diversification of today's work force, from age and cultural demographics to technology and educational experiences. Do boomers and recent grads believe the same things when it comes to ethical decision-making? As a leader of the charge for an overhauled, integrated approach to ethics education at the university level, Boston University Professor Kabrina Chang brings her special insight on generational issues to an overview of ethics.
Speaker Information
Kabrina Krebel Chang
Convene Live Presents: eRFPs: Is That All There Is?
The controversy over electronic RFPs is well documented. Hotel salespeople are drowning in lead spam because planners are indiscriminately using online platforms to blast out eRFPs to countless properties at the click of a mouse. eRFP providers have been adjusting their technologies to help mitigate the problem, but meanwhile, it's time to ask an important question: Is this it? Is the eRFP the be-all, end-all of site selection? Join us for a conversation about how eRFPs could and should evolve — and what next-generation platforms could someday replace them.
Speaker Information
Chris Durso   [ view bio ]
Lee Horgan   [ view bio ]
Christine Lawson   [ view bio ]
Larissa Schultz   [ view bio ]
Christine Shimasaki   [ view bio ]
Fresh Perspectives from Exhibit and Sponsorship Decision-Makers
The model of lanyard and tote bag sponsorship that once was the norm is not as relevant anymore. Changes to trade show floor 'real estate' are frequent and pervasive. Today's show organizers are eager to know what their stakeholders really want, how purchasing decisions are made, and how to structure sponsorships that meet objectives and deliver exceptional ROI. In this session we'll go straight to the source for a high-level discussion with corporate marketing executives, and you'll come away with new ideas for being a great partner to your exhibitors and exceeding their expectations!
Speaker Information
Trevor Barlow   [ view bio ]
Rich Gilligan   [ view bio ]
Jayson Haynes   [ view bio ]
Brad Kent   [ view bio ]
Jeffrey Masters   [ view bio ]
Multi-Touchpoint Event Marketing: Blending Digital & Live for Maximum Impact
What can you do in your event marketing plan before the event to build hype, during to create more vivid memories and after to compel people to stay connected? The answer is in planning digital and live touchpoints, blended together to extend the attendee experience, reduce the effort needed to get attendees to register for future events and most importantly, incite attendees to spread the value of your event for you! Yes, you do the typical post-event follow-up items of surveys & links to photo galleries – but a fully-integrated plan using video, mobile, email, social, testimonials, photos, and content marketing throughout your event lifecycle will have your attendees working for you.
Speaker Information
Suzanne Carawan   [ view bio ]
A New Approach to Risk Management
Does it seem like all risk management education is focused on catastrophes or how to deal with a risk once it's happened? Are you tired of being reactive? Maybe you're confused by all the risk information currently available? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this session is for you. Come explore a proactive risk management model that is simple and straightforward enough to be adapted to any type of event.
Speaker Information
Linda Robson   [ view bio ]
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Convention Center Licenses
Negotiating with convention centers is one of the most important and least understood responsibilities for trade show organizers.  Even the most experienced planners may be exposing their organization or sponsors to risk by accepting boilerplate license agreements.  Both novice and experienced trade show planners will discover from a leading industry attorney the most effective ways to draft counter-proposals and negotiate on specific terms to reduce their risk.
Speaker Information
John Foster   [ view bio ]
Exhibitor Training Programs: Strategies for Success
Trade show organizers are looking for new ways to not only help exhibitors achieve greater ROI, but also make sure attendees are attracted to and spend time in the exhibition hall. The key to both can be creating a trade show environment that balances learning and consultation with a traditional focus on transaction-based sales. In this session you’ll explore a variety of ways in which show organizers are helping their exhibitors achieve success through advance planning, onsite engagement including coaching to be perceived as a solution-provider, and post-event follow-up.
Speaker Information
Shannon Burke   [ view bio ]
Terence Donnelly   [ view bio ]
Amy Fischer   [ view bio ]
Diane Vidoni   [ view bio ]
Would YOU Sign This Contract?
Planners and suppliers alike will get to review sample contract clauses in a small group, discussing and red-lining potential issues as you go. Once you're done, reconvene with a leading meetings industry attorney to get her comments and suggestions. Along the way, planners will learn how to fine-tune their negotiating skills and suppliers will become better able to explain exactly what many clauses mean.
Speaker Information
Tyra Hilliard   [ view bio ]
Convene Live Presents: Crisis Management: The Boston Marathon Case Study
Last summer, the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) was moving into Hynes Convention Center for its annual meeting when two now-infamous bombs shattered the celebration at the Boston Marathon finish line. Just a half-block from the second explosion, the center was right in the thick of the chaos; it even served as a evidence collection site until the following day. However, everyone at the center remained safe, and ASCA's annual meeting managed to go on as scheduled. Hear from ASCA, Boston police, convention center security and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority about how the crisis unfolded, how they worked together, and what they learned for future events.
Speaker Information
Shawn Bryant   [ view bio ]
Katie Hauser   [ view bio ]
Tyra Hilliard   [ view bio ]
Robert Noonan   [ view bio ]
William Prentice   [ view bio ]
Creating a Winning Culture
PCMA Business School: Scenario Planning- A Tool for Times of Uncertainty
When your organization and/or event faces an uncertain future, it does not need robust answers that are absolutely wrong, it needs approximate answers that are mostly right! Forecasting is a great exercise but it tends to fail us spectacularly when we need it the most. Scenario planning is a methodology that addresses strategy concerns through multiple lenses and seeks to create choice and optionality under different futures. This approach will allow you to identify a course of action that is less one dimensional and more applicable across different potential futures.
Speaker Information
Jim Austin   [ view bio ]
Closing General Session: The Relevant Revolution - From the Page to Face-to-Face
If you are in the business of creating excitement, as Brown is, you can't miss this Closing General Session. You'll be immersed in her personal evolution and why she has chosen to pursue a face-to-face media strategy.
Speaker Information
Tina Brown
Masters Series: Disruptive Tech: What's New, What's Coming & How It Will Change Everything
As Yahoo's newest consumer tech contributor and a past NYT's tech reviewer, David Pogue has a front-row seat to observe the blazing-fast torrent of new inventions. Hundreds of gadgets and technologies come down the pike every year and plenty get lots of press… even though most of it is junk.
In this fast, funny presentation, Pogue will stick his neck out to predict which will actually cause major, disruptive changes. He'll display, discuss, and even demonstrate the technological advances—in personal entertainment, cellular tech, Web 2.0, and more—that will have the greatest impact on your industry in the coming years.
Speaker Information
David Pogue
Masters Series: Being Brilliant Everyday
The pressures placed on executives today far exceed those of 10 years ago. As leaders we find ourselves having to make difficult decisions and work in highly stressful situations while remaining completely energized, focused and inspiring.

Despite this, most leaders can still deliver great performance sometimes but very few can be brilliant every day. Dr.Watkins, author and international expert on leadership and human performance, will turn the focus on you and explore the science behind leadership. He will reveal how the best leaders in the world think about leadership and how you can step change you own ability, control your own biology and regain the energy levels you had 10 years ago. Be prepared to be surprised by how good you could be. 
Speaker Information
Alan Watkins
Masters Series: Follow Me: Leadership By Design
It's been said that you aren't really a leader if people are not willing to follow. So what makes someone want to follow? John Spence, a business improvement expert and author of Excellence by Design: Leadership – The Six Key Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders, conducted research with 8,000+ high potential employees at top companies around the world to capture what people look for in a leader they would willingly follow. 

Spence will reveal his key findings and discuss how to leverage them to design your personal leadership style. You'll depart with solutions to some of the most challenging issues leaders are facing right now and examples how to effectively implement them. This 75 minute session will be a fast paced, "Cliffs Notes" leadership jump start to 2014
Speaker Information
John Spence   [ view bio ]
Opening General Session: Start an Innovation Revolution
Too many organizations are stuck in the land of status quo - where thinking differently is long forgotten and the simple tools to creatively solve problems absent. The very structures they put in place to help grow are now holding them back. 

Bodell, a globally recognized innovation leader and futurist, brings her call to arms to Boston – Imploring you to join the Innovation Revolution and lead your own organization of change agents to revolutionize how you think, work and create big impact.
Speaker Information
Lisa Bodell   [ view bio ]
PCMA Business School: Marketing in the New World of Trust
Speaker Information
Glen Urban   [ view bio ]
PCMA Business School: Revolutionizing Communication by Humanizing Data
We have entered an interesting new era of information.  Computers have not just become integrated with our everyday lives, they actually know more than we do about many of the things we care about.   These data about how our world works, how organizations and services perform, and even how our bodies work is incalculably valuable.  As more and more of these data have been captured, however, the machine’s ability to communicate the insights contained within them has remained strikingly limited and we are still forced to grapple with data, spreadsheets, and charts and graphs directly and deal with the machine on its terms rather than our own.  Imagine a world where we can humanize data by transforming it into clear and compelling stories and create a communication bridge between numbers and knowledge that will enable us to create more relevant experiences for our attendees and customers.
Speaker Information
Kristian Hammond   [ view bio ]
PCMA Business School: Social Influence Networks: How Do Ideas Spread?
Every day, our planet pulses with trillions of digitally enabled "social signals." We're constantly bombarded with streams of SMS messages, status updates, tweets, pokes, posts, referrals, notifications, shares, check-ins, and ratings from peers in our social networks and from "the crowd." This cacophony of social signals, which today informs, entertains and persuades us in nearly every facet of our daily lives, did not exist just ten short years ago. Sinan will show us how the tidal wave of digital socialization and social influence online is affecting us and what it means for our products, our politics, and our public health. Sinan will review what we know and where work might go with respect to measuring influence and finding influential people in social networks and the importance of causal inference for understanding the spread of products, political views and public health behaviors through society. He will provide examples from viral marketing experiments on Facebook to scientific studies of online ratings behavior and describe a new project to spread HIV testing using peer to peer influence and mobile messaging in South Africa, the subject of which is the basis for a new documentary film entitled "A Social Cure."
Speaker Information
Sinan Aral   [ view bio ]
Convene Live Presents: Do More Good: Rethinking our Community Service Projects
Speaker Information
Ashley Anderson   [ view bio ]
Barbara Connell   [ view bio ]
Lynn Margherio   [ view bio ]
Claire Smith   [ view bio ]
Progress Through Partnerships: Engaging Venues and Vendors in Sustainability Goals
With so many green meeting standards to choose from —APEX/ASTM, GRI, ISO 20121, BS 8901—how do you create a sustainable meetings plan? In this session, we'll drill down on two key areas: Venues and Exhibits. Using a unique mix of real-world case studies that can be applied to events of any size, discover how to engage venues and vendors to partner on realistic ("won't break your budget") solutions to eco-friendly challenges. Catering and general service contractors will be a focus.
Speaker Information
Jeff Chase   [ view bio ]
Chris Nemchek   [ view bio ]
Bob Sauter   [ view bio ]
Cara Unterkofler   [ view bio ]
A Breath of Fresh Air: 90 Minutes, 9 Sustainable Solutions
Break away from the standard way of producing meetings with nine compelling sustainability stories, linked to the nine new APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards. Explore how your peers implemented innovative green meeting practices, what they learned along the way, and how you can build on their experiences to green your meeting without expending more time or energy.
Speaker Information
Lindsay Arell   [ view bio ]
Jeff Chase   [ view bio ]
Dale Hudson   [ view bio ]
Amy Spatrisano   [ view bio ]
Advocacy is More than Government Affairs! Speak Out with a United Voice
How do we create the influence needed to support the long term viability of the meetings industry? How can we engage and activate people around us to support our activities? A diversity of advocacy strategies will be shared that can be used to influence and garner support for projects beneficial to your organization, your industry and your profession. You'll leave with tools for advocating the value of meetings and the meetings industry with a stronger voice. It’s everyone’s job.
Speaker Information
Roger Rickard   [ view bio ]
Exhibitor Retention Strategies for the New Economic Landscape
Do exhibitors automatically return to your show each year just because they like you? Not exactly. Especially in today's fast-changing economic environment, make sure you have a formal exhibitor retention plan that is fine-tuned for today's realities. Dive into a deeper learning experience about what goes into such a plan, what resources are needed, and how to implement it. Participate in fictional scenarios, and walk away with 10 exhibitor retention tactics you can take home and apply immediately!
Speaker Information
B.J. Enright   [ view bio ]
Lawson Hockman   [ view bio ]
Kevin Miller   [ view bio ]
Barbara Myers   [ view bio ]
Leader as Coach: Moving Your Team to Winning Results
Virtual teams, a younger workforce, and changing technology all demand that business leaders transition from a traditional, top-down management style to one that's more collaborative but continues to hold people accountable. With the help of an expert executive coach, uncover how to move your team to winning results by transforming your role from a manager to a coach. It's all about how you approach relationships and critical conversations about accountability.
Speaker Information
Dean Savoca   [ view bio ]
The Elephant in the Room is Laughing
Humor is such a pervasive presence in groups. Used correctly, it can provide the fuel for achieving a common goal; used incorrectly, it can divide. Don't use it at all, and it indicates a communication breakdown. Attend this fun (of course!) and unexpected session to learn how humor impacts the group process and how you can use it to design and implement successful group meetings.
Speaker Information
Izzy Gesell   [ view bio ]
You are the CEO! Running an Independent Planning Business
The current economic landscape offers many opportunities for independent planners; in fact, independents are even more prevalent than they were four years ago.  If you're considering a move to independent planning (or have already made the leap and could use some extra support), attend this interactive session.  Dive into the business of running your own independent planning business.  A major focus will be on developing your business plan and navigating legal issues.
Speaker Information
MaryAnne Bobrow   [ view bio ]
Tyra Hilliard   [ view bio ]
Valerie Sumner   [ view bio ]
3 Smart Ways to Grow Sponsorship Revenues
As digital technologies advance, chances are your industry partners will require less square footage to show off their products and services. Your challenge is to convert or grow those dollars into sponsorship opportunities that will benefit your audience.....and your bottom line. Discover proven strategies aligned with three key sponsorship phases, with tips to help you grow revenues by creating opportunities that are highly valued by attendees.
Speaker Information
Donna Kastner   [ view bio ]
Dave Lutz   [ view bio ]
4 Small Investments that Can Make a Big Difference in Your Marketing
You don't have to go too far outside the box -- or break the bank in the process -- to inject your marketing plan with an energy boost.  Sometimes just a small investment in commitment, time and/or money can make a big difference in your marketing results.  Explore four strategic event marketing solutions that are creative, yet practical and manageable, in boosting attendance and enhancing the event experience for everyone.
Speaker Information
Megan Campbell   [ view bio ]
Sharyn Collinson   [ view bio ]
Boosting Revenue from International Meetings
Are more international meetings competing for your piece of the pie? Through case studies and small group discussions, walk away from this session with key takeaways for boosting your international congress revenues -- while expending the same resources. Explore ideas for more focused delegate marketing and innovative solutions to challenges in international sponsorship and exhibit sales.
Speaker Information
Ajay Bhojwani   [ view bio ]
How to Navigate Cultural Differences When Planning Global Meetings
Planning a global meeting can be nothing like planning an event in your home country. Global meeting planners exploring multiple regions or planners going abroad for the first time will gain a deeper understanding of the realities of doing business in an unfamiliar destination. Discover how to adjust your strategies in different locales. Role plays will bring topics to life in this entertaining session.
Speaker Information
Lisa Astorga   [ view bio ]
Jody Egel   [ view bio ]
Phelps Hope   [ view bio ]
Kristin Mirabal   [ view bio ]
Selecting a Destination Based on Strategic Business Intelligence
Sure, XYZ City may have a beautiful beach, historical significance, or international cache.  But there are distinct advantages to selecting a meeting destination based on a deeper development strategy.....namely a city's industry, institutions and knowledge economy that will help you achieve event goals.  The purpose of this session is to help global planners evaluate potential destinations based on strategic business intelligence, and also to guide destinations in positioning these assets to attract meeting business.
Speaker Information
Laura d'Elsa   [ view bio ]
David Pegler   [ view bio ]
Jan Tonkin   [ view bio ]
Just for Suppliers: Decoding the "New Normal" in Medical Meetings Today
Are you making unnecessary sales calls to planners who can no longer use your product or service?  Do you know enough about new medical codes and funding restrictions to be a good strategic partner to your existing clients?  Medical meeting suppliers shouldn't miss this opportunity to better understand the impact recent government restrictions have made on the medical association business model..... and how you can be part of the solution.
Speaker Information
Lauren Kramer   [ view bio ]
Margaret Manchik   [ view bio ]
Andrew Van Haute   [ view bio ]
Putting Your Sacred Cows Out to Pasture
Does your meeting have one or more elements that everyone puts up with year after year, just because you've always done it or it's extremely important to a small faction of members? It's time to put those sacred cows out to pasture. Find out what you can do to gracefully retire past-their-prime elements so you can update your meeting and appeal to more members from different generations, interest groups, and geographical locations. Note: Most case studies will be from medical societies, but content will be relevant to any organization looking to revamp their meetings.
Speaker Information
Katie Callahan-Giobbi   [ view bio ]
John Folks   [ view bio ]
Masters Series: The Generalist Advantage: Going Beyond Expertise
Blinded by expertise and single-minded focus? It happens. But in a fast-paced world driven by complex and diverse factors, connecting the dots is often more important than developing the dots.
Speaker Information
Vikram Mansharamani   [ view bio ]
Masters Series: Planning For Four Generations: Attracting and Engaging Across Generational Divides
With four generations in the mix, it can be tricky to create engaging programs that appeal to everyone. There are so many meeting elements that can be impacted by generational preferences and personalities, and sometimes satisfying one generation’s needs can seem to alienate another. 

As Millennials (born 1981 to 1995) continue to flood the workforce and revolutionize the status quo and have very different expectations about the kinds of events they want to attend. Generational expert and Millennial Kim Lear, a speaker, writer, strategist and researcher on the topic of generations, provides practical tips for planning to help you connect with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials.
Speaker Information
Kim Lear   [ view bio ]
Christopher Mayer   [ view bio ]
Travis McCready   [ view bio ]
Jaimie Rooney   [ view bio ]
The Key to a Better Contract? Your RFP
Think your Request for Proposals (RFP) simply helps narrow the field of potential suppliers? Think again. The RFP is actually one of today's most effective tools in contract negotiations for meetings. Explore how to use this document from day one to demonstrate ROI, leverage your bargaining position, and ensure key issues are addressed in contract negotiations. Discuss the pros and cons of online RFPs and how you can make up for their shortcomings.
Speaker Information
Joshua Grimes   [ view bio ]
The President is Coming? No Problem
We all know a meeting planner's job is unique, and you're used to thinking on your feet.  But what happens when you have to plan a major event at your meeting at the last minute or a big-time curveball gets thrown your way?   Discover how to navigate special events with a twist and work with your Convention Services Manager to streamline the process of coordinating all the necessary logistics with multiple local players and government entities. This session is Powered by Event Service Professionals Association(ESPA).
Speaker Information
Julie Pingston   [ view bio ]
Bridget Robinson   [ view bio ]
Paul Ruby   [ view bio ]
Susie Townsend   [ view bio ]
PCMA Business School: Global Prosperity: Why Everything is About to Change
As the middle-class booms in emerging nations, a global consumption boom is likely to have an unprecedented impact on a wide range of commodities – food, fuel, precious metals - that will impact the global standard of living.  The result will be geopolitical and economic uncertainty.  Vikram untangles these dynamics through easy-to-understand, entertaining, and engaging analysis that evaluates the effect of a ballooning middle-class on an unlikely collection of industries -- from education and entertainment to defense, finance and healthcare.  These insights will help you look differently at the nature of global prosperity and how it may shape your meeting and your future.
Speaker Information
Vikram Mansharamani   [ view bio ]
TechCentral: VEI: Medical Meeting Planners: Taking Your Virtual and Hybrid Events to the Next Level
So you've already created a virtual or hybrid event?  Here's your opportunity to take it to the next level.  In this interactive session full of real-life case studies, we'll dive deeper into the strategy behind successful virtual and hybrid events.  With examples specifically for medical meetings, explore how to develop an effective business plan and make online events a lasting part of your meetings portfolio.  Topics will include needs assessments, links to your strategic plan, how to get buy-in from key stakeholders, monetization, and metrics.
Speaker Information
Janet Cooper   [ view bio ]
Kerry Crockett   [ view bio ]
James Goodman   [ view bio ]
Tony Lorenz   [ view bio ]
China 202: Planning for Financial Success
Speaker Information
Patrick Chen   [ view bio ]
Cathy Mason   [ view bio ]
Emerging Markets: Africa
Calling all global meeting planners....and anyone interested in learning more about an up-and-coming market.  Don't miss this opportunity to get briefed from a leading expert on Africa.  Develop a new understanding of growing industries, investments being made, and the economic future of the entire continent, not just South Africa.  Explore how Africa might become a strategic part of your global development plan.
Speaker Information
Timothy Longman   [ view bio ]
Middle East 101: Planning for Success in a New Strategic Destination
Join experienced planners and a local representative to learn about unique opportunities for global meetings in the Middle East.  We'll be focusing especially on the Gulf States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.  Learn the differences between myth and reality in this region, strategic reasons to meet there, and how to produce a successful event.  
Speaker Information
Ajay Bhojwani MD   [ view bio ]
Jennifer Sombar   [ view bio ]
Beyond Best Practices...Explore Best Principles for Experiential Meeting Design
The concept of ‘best practices’ is considered by many to be the gold standard for our work -- that which has been proven to be effective in the past becomes the template for future activities. However, forward-thinking planners are now approaching meetings and events with discovery and exploration of the best design principles that will help to achieve specific event objectives and desired attendee experiences. Come to experience journey-mapping and guest-centered design, and leave with a checklist to use for your own events.
Speaker Information
Greg Bogue   [ view bio ]
Gary Schirmacher   [ view bio ]
Reinventing the Association Annual Meeting Through Experience Design
Explore how two leading associations have had success reinventing their annual meetings.  Uncover the shared step-by-step process, invaluable tips for making reinvention a reality, and how to take advantage of experience design and co-creation to attract, engage and retain your target attendees.  A "must-attend" for any association professional whose organization's health depends on the success of its annual meeting!
Speaker Information
Gretchen Bliss   [ view bio ]
Garth Jordan   [ view bio ]
The Non-Designer's Guide to Graphic Design
Want to make your marketing campaigns more effective.....and the graphic creation process much more efficient?  Here's your chance to boost your know-how in graphic design.  Whether you're an event marketer or a planner/supplier with marketing responsibilities, learn how to better communicate with your graphic designer, create cohesive graphic campaigns, and expertly manage the design process within your organization.  Leave this highly visual session with a reference guide you can take back and use with your team.
Speaker Information
Clay Lovelace   [ view bio ]
Convene Live Presents: Into the Heart of Meetings
He wrote the first book ever on Meeting Design, Into the Heart of Meetings.  Here's your opportunity to join Eric de Groot for an insightful discussion of the still-developing world of meeting design.  Explore the essential processes that take place during meetings and how to influence them through meeting design in order to ensure desired outcomes.  Enjoy real-world examples and realistic ideas to help put content in day-to-day working practice.
Speaker Information
Eric de Groot   [ view bio ]
Energize Your Exhibition: Innovative Design Trends from Around the World
Hop aboard as we travel around the world to explore innovative design concepts that can energize your next exhibition for attendees and exhibitors.  In this highly visual and interactive session, collect new design ideas from pop culture, non-exhibition environments built for high traffic and learning, and actual exhibits.  Uncover the emerging interactive technologies that make many of them possible, and work with a team to develop solutions to exhibit design challenges.
Trade Show Design: Help Attendees Get More From Your Exhibition
As attention spans shrink and the brain suffers overstimulation, the trade show experience must be improved to better engage attendees.  Explore how to alter your design constructs and create experiences that enhance adult learning styles.  With the help of presenters with three different backgrounds, discover how to help attendees "get their questions answered" -- their number one trade show goal, according to research from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.
Speaker Information
P.J. Andrus   [ view bio ]
Dana Freker Doody   [ view bio ]
Andrea Sullivan   [ view bio ]
How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals
Let's face it: It's easy to lose focus and motivation in the high-stress, constantly-changing environment that is the meetings industry. In this interactive session, explore a five-step process designed to help you not only ignite your personal motivation, but build a system for maintaining that motivation in the long run.  Head back home not with psychological jargon, but an action plan that will make a difference in your life.
Speaker Information
Kurt Nelson   [ view bio ]
TechCentral: Do You Know What You Need to Know about High Speed Internet Access?
Hard to believe....the first iPhone was released just five years ago.  Since then, attendee demand for High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) has skyrocketed.  Given the pace of technological change, do facility suppliers or planners have the knowledge necessary to ask the right questions and achieve desired outcomes?  (Hint:  "Free" might not be the best option.)  Get the background you need to determine how much HSIA you use, how it's being used, and what level of service is required.
Speaker Information
MaryAnne Bobrow   [ view bio ]
Michael Owen   [ view bio ]
TechCentral: The Future Forecast for Meeting and Event Technology: 15 Global Trends That Will Increase Attendance and Revenue
Speaker Information
Dessislava Boshnakova   [ view bio ]
Joe Goldblatt   [ view bio ]
Seungwon Shawn Lee   [ view bio ]
Turning Slumps into Success: Four Easy Steps for Overcoming Momentum Killers
We all experience situations when we just can't get ourselves back on track....and it's usually at a point in our project or sales cycle when we can least afford the down-time.  In this interactive session, discover a four-step process for overcoming slumps, minimizing their impact, improving your productivity, and re-engaging your momentum.  Anyone with responsibilities for sales, project management, or people management will benefit.
Speaker Information
Dean Savoca   [ view bio ]
Lessons Learned: How to Make an Impact by Becoming an Adjunct Faculty Member
Hospitality industry professionals who can share a lifetime of experience with students new to the industry can be invaluable resources not only to their students - but the future of our industry.  Discover what you need know to make the transition to adjunct faculty, including qualifications, skill sets, how to go about landing a job, and how to structure your class once you get there.  Get candid insights from an experienced professor, a relatively new adjunct faculty member, and a researcher in the hospitality management field.
Speaker Information
Katherine Fox-Ehlert   [ view bio ]
TechCentral: Building Smart Events: How to Collect & Use Your Event Intelligence
Your meetings may be flawlessly executed, but are they smart?  Explore the critical role that data collection and analysis play in enhancing the meeting experience and demonstrating the value of your event.  Discover how real-life organizations have used technology to capture important information about attendees, as well as how they have analyzed this data to engage their audience, drive sales, and prove Return on Investment (ROI).
TechCentral: Improving the Meeting Experience with Mobile and Wireless Technology
Mobile apps, GPS positioning, and 3G/4G networks are rapidly transforming the way people live their lives.....and understanding it all is enough to make anyone's head spin.  We'll demystify the trends and technologies in mobile and wireless, examine how they're being used in other industries, and discuss how you can put them to work to create richer experiences for your meeting participants.
TechCentral: VEI: Getting Started with Hybrid Meetings: The Top Ten List You Don't Want to Miss
Does the thought of planning your first hybrid meeting strike fear in your heart?  You're not alone.  Join your peers in a friendly, risk-free environment as a veteran of hybrid meetings walks you through a 10-step process for launching a successful event.  Together you'll create your first hybrid meeting, discovering key tips for implementation and demonstrating ROI along the way.  Time-saving templates will also be shared.
Understanding Our Business Models: A Conversation Between Hoteliers and Meeting Planners
Last year's "Great Debates in Housing" session opened up a productive dialogue between hoteliers and meeting planners.  This year, we'll continue the conversation as we focus on helping each other understand our dramatically-changing business models and the value a piece of business really represents to a hotel.  Both planners and hoteliers will walk away with critical strategies for increasing their value to the other and creating long-term partnerships.
VEI: Cannibalization is a Myth and Other Secrets from Leaders in Digital Events
Whether you’re selling content after an event, live streaming a conference or just thinking about what you need to do to extend your brand, grow your audience, and increase your revenues, this session is for you. Three of today’s top innovators in the digital/hybrid events arena will discuss the business reasons for why these events matter to an organization’s future, key best practices, and what they are doing to monetize these events.
Corporate HQ: Getting to Win-Win with Short-Term Bookings
A corporate procurement professional, a hotel revenue manager, a corporate meeting professional, and a hotel sales director.  They all have different goals, which often seem at odds in the short-term booking process.  In this unique session, hear from each of these players and be part of the process in finding common ground and working toward potential solutions.  When you better understand what everyone needs, you'll discover how to recognize opportunities for leverage and be able to negotiate the best deal.
Corporate HQ: It's All About the Strategy
Being seen as a valued strategic partner by the executive team is critical to today’s corporate planner. It’s essential to build your arsenal of strategies, tactics and resources in order to fulfill and exceed expectations of the C-suite. Over the past few days Corporate HQ sessions have provided insights, case studies, solutions-sharing and resources to help strengthen your strategic portfolio. In this session we’ll bring it all together into a personal action plan for you to implement in the months ahead.  
Corporate HQ: SMM #1: Ready, Set, Go! Getting Started with SMM
Unsure how to get started with a SMMP or struggling with how to get it off the ground?  The first in this series of SMM sessions is for you.  Explore key components and how to keep the process simple for you and your organization.   Your guides will be a planner new to SMM, and a planner with a wealth of experience.  By exploring best practice examples (and common pitfalls), you'll take home a wealth of ideas to use right away.
Speaker Information
Jonathan Terlouw Wal-Mart
Betsy Bondurant   [ view bio ]
Karin Milliman   [ view bio ]
Terri Woodin   [ view bio ]
Corporate HQ: SMM #2: Building a Business Case for SMM Programs
As procurement initiatives become an increasing part of many organizations, being able to speak to the value of capturing more or all meetings under one program is key.  This second in this series of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) sessions focuses on data, a.k.a. the foundation of any SMM program.  Discover how you can proactively position yourself as a business leader - not just a meetings and events leader - by using data to build your business case for new or existing SMM programs.
Speaker Information
Kimberly Meyer   [ view bio ]
Erin Stahowiak   [ view bio ]
Corporate HQ: SMM #3: Revolutionizing SMM and Writing the Next Chapter
The current industry-accepted definition of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) - in place for several years - doesn't include several components of effective and impactful meetings management.  In this game-changing session, thought leaders behind SMM and planners with mature SMM programs will convene to help write SMM's next chapter.  Push the envelope on SMM's current definition and debate future opportunities.  After much discussion, create a summary action plan that defines SMM 2.0 and how PCMA can guide its growth.
Speaker Information
Rick Binford   [ view bio ]
Carolyn Pund   [ view bio ]
Debi Scholar   [ view bio ]
Barbara Scofidio   [ view bio ]
Corporate HQ: Straight Talk from Corporate Marketing Executives: What We Really Want from the Meetings Department
Welcome to the first session in the Corporate HQ, where it's all about strategy and helping you -- and your meetings -- achieve business goals.  First up, explore how to get that strategic seat at the table.....and how to fulfill executives' expectations once you get there.  This is a rare opportunity to hear from both your meeting planning peers and their company's marketing executives about winning approaches to developing brands through face-to-face meetings.  Executives will share what they need from the meeting planning department to actually be involved in setting strategy, instead of being handed the strategy after it has already been determined by others.
Speaker Information
Gabrielle Boko   [ view bio ]
Danielle Cote   [ view bio ]
Blake Fohl   [ view bio ]
Sherrif Karamat   [ view bio ]
Susan Katz   [ view bio ]
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