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The Business Event Bootcamp is a quick, affordable and interactive training solution designed to help keep you and your team up to date and on today’s rapidly changing topics in the business events industry, as well as create dialogue and conversation around current industry trends between you and your meetings/events team. Unique to the industry, each series module tackles current topics including Digital Events, Generating Revenues from Events, Concepts in Meeting Design, Event Marketing, and Risk & Crisis Management.


This option includes 1 license to the entire Business Event Bootcamp. Please contact Caitlin O'Malley at comalley@pcma.org with any questions.

Program Information
Program Date:
August 15, 2016
Digital Events (0.3 CEUs)

Explore what it takes to develop and produce successful digital events. This online interactive module will explore the various formats and production of a variety of digital events ranging from webinars to full hybrid meetings. How can you best get started with digital events and what are some key considerations with regards to resources, technical capability and budget? You’ll gain insight on these questions and more through a series of multi-media rich lessons which are self-paced and full of practical takeaways. This module is ideal for events teams in organizations who are considering digital events to gain more understanding on opportunities and requirements. 

Generating Revenue from Events (0.25)

Outside of attendee registration and exhibit booth sales, business events have the potential to generate additional revenues through sponsorships and partnerships. Is your event capturing as much revenue as it can? What opportunities are you missing? In this online, interactive module, you will discover ideas and concepts that can help grow your event revenues and drive more dollars to your organization. From effectively collecting data to developing sponsorship portfolios that sell, this module will provide you with an understanding of your event’s strongest opportunities. Gaining a seat at the executive table starts with demonstrating your event’s value to the organization—this module is ideal for professionals and events teams wanting to take a strategic next step in revenue generation.

Concepts in Meeting Design (0.3)

Today’s business events are no longer planned as they are designed, and each event requires a targeted, thoughtful strategy. In this third module of the Business Event Series, you will cover the top considerations in event design from designing schedules and delivering valuable content, to creating innovative learning environments to using technology to fully engage participants.

Event Marketing (0.25 CEUs)

Whether you are planning a face-to-face or digital event, marketing is key to driving participation and engagement, increasing revenue, and promoting the brand. By identifying the components of a marketing plan and the steps needed to execute a seamless marketing strategy that actively involves participants, you will learn how to set your events apart from the rest.  This module will help you summarize the role of event marketing in relation to other aspects of event organization. You learn how to identify the important elements and timelines on an event marketing plan and strategies for conducting market research, including identifying, and segmenting a target audience. This module is also designed to help provide you with ways to use data analytics for targeted messaging. As well as give you examples of how social media and other digital tools can be used to achieve marketing objectives. Lastly, this module covers methods for evaluating the impact of each marketing element and how to use this data. 

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